Top 5 Reasons Why Gortat of the Wizards is Cool
Sunday, 08 June 2014 21:52

Top 5 Reasons Why Gortat of the Wizards is Cool

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The 6'11, 250 pound Center, Marcin Gortat, will join the Washington Wizards tonight as they try to keep their playoffs hopes alive in Game 6 against the Indiana Pacers at the Verizon Center. Gortat -- born in Poland & affectionately known as the Polish Hammer -- had a monster Game 5 with 31 points and 16 rebounds. In honor of the Polish big man, here are 5 reasons Gortat is awesome!

1. He loves animals. Yeah, he might be a big guy but get him around some parrots and he turns into a softie or as Gortat put it so eloquently "Man this bird [is] like dog!!! U can play with him!:) i want one!!!"


2. Gortat is known to have rebounding superpowers, which was quite evident in Game 5.


Which also brings about a striking resemblance to Avatar Aang of the Last Airbender:


3. He has his own tribute rap song in Polish! I think it is safe to say that he is the ONLY NBA player to achieve that accomplishment.



4. Gortat's Polish car puts Alfred Morris's 1991 Mazda 626 to shame.



5. Gortat's ex-girlfriend of 5 years is Polish model Anna Kociuga......


6. Bonus:

If you are heading out to root for Gortat & the Wizards at the Verizon Center tonight, make sure you bring your voice box in tune and prepare to get very loud. Need some pre-game food or a drink(s) ideas -- head over to Zengo for some Latin / Asian inspired tapas & a cold Mojito, Redline for some sliders & an ice cold on-tap draft, or Matchbox Chinatown for a Fire & Smoke pizza & an Alagash White.  

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