Johnny Football: What's The Rolled Up Twenty For?
Monday, 07 July 2014 03:28

Johnny Football: What's The Rolled Up Twenty For?

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Johnny Manziel is no stranger to partying.  The 1st round pick for the Cleveland Browns has been spotted all over Vegas and various other destinations thoroughly enjoying  the summer. Now, to be fair, if you were 21, signed by a NFL team, would you not want to party? We definitely think there is no problem enjoying life in the offseason within reason. He has been seen hanging out with the likes of Drake, Mayweather, Justin Beiber and even Pauly D. 

However, this latest photo of someone who looks awfully like the QB is quite alarming. It definitely seems like he is rolling up a twenty dollar bill very tight in a nightclub / bar restroom, and one could make the fair assumption that it'll be used to snort cocaine. On the side, he has set down his cup of Red Bull and Vodka (tip: don't sit your liquor down in the bathroom). We hope Johnny is just having a little fun and not going down a dark path. Hey, maybe he was just tipping the bathroom attendant! Check out the picture below and let us know what you think.


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